Gulf of Mexico – 2018


NOAA expedition EX1803 sampled seafloor features in within the deepwaters of the Gulf of Mexico using the submersible Deep Discoverer. OSU marine repository archives the rock samples collected during the expedition. Archived samples include fossil corals, mudstones, biogenic sediments and more. Below are the samples recovered from each dive.

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Collection Metadata
IGSNLatitudeLongitudeDepth (m)Feature NamePrincipal Rock TypeTemp (C)Salinity (PSU)Oxygen (mg/l)
OSU-EX1803-D4-127.01-93.920639EB 1009Sandstone7.2534.933.95
OSU-EX1803-D4-227.01-93.920639EB 1009Carbonate Mudstone7.7134.583.90
OSU-EX1803-D6-127.10-92.8211101Hidalgo Basin GB903Fossiliferous Limestone4.7934.945.85
OSU-EX1803-D8-128.28-87.2202632DeSoto CanyonFossiliferous Limestone4.3334.976.57
OSU-EX1803-D8-428.29-87.2252323DeSoto CanyonCarbonate mud4.3134.976.50
OSU-EX1803-D10-327.72-85.7502574West Florida Escarpment BendGarnet Gneiss4.3234.976.49
OSU-EX1803-D11-126.38-84.770532South of Long MoundCarboante Mud7.2734.924.02
OSU-EX1803-D11-526.38-84.770479South of Long MoundFossiliferous Limestone7.6334.943.89
OSU-EX1803-D12-125.60-84.550513South of Okeanos RidgeCarbonate Mudstone7.6334.943.90
OSU-EX1803-D12-425.61-84.550438South of Okeanos RidgeCarbonate Mudstone8.6435.033.73
OSU-EX1803-D14-224.58-84.2702345Escarpment Canyon RidgeFossiliferous Limestone4.3134.976.65
OSU-EX1803-D15-124.28-82.260433Pourtales Terrace SinkholeFossiliferous Limestone7.9834.963.80
EX1803-D6 (Hidalgo Basin GB903)


Sample Location Rock Type Description Images
OSU-EX1803-D6-1 27.10°N, 92.82°W Fossiliferous Limestone A very fine grained limestone with occasional opaque and carbonate fossil tests…
Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6Image 7Image 8Image 9Image 10Image 11Image 12
EX1803-D8 (DeSoto Canyon)


Sample Location Rock Type Description Images
OSU-EX1803-D8-1 28.28°N, 87.22°W Fossiliferous Limestone A fossiliferous limestone with a fine carbonate matrix and numerous tests…
Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6
OSU-EX1803-D8-4 28.28°N, 87.22°W Carbonate Mud Fine grained, poorly-lithified carbonate mud…
Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6Image 7Image 8Image 9Image 10Image 11Image 12
EX1803-D10 (W. Florida Escarpment Bend)
EX1803-D15 (Pourtales Terrace Sinkhole)