How to Collect a Core

Box cores, multi cores, piston cores, vibracores, kasten cores, push cores- these are all methods scientists use to collect samples of the seafloor. Which method to use? It depends- where is the coring taking place? what is the scientific goal? what are the capabilities of the ship? Below you can learn more about two of these methods, piston cores and push cores.

Piston Cores

The majority of the cores in the repository are piston cores because it is the most effective way to collect long cores. Longer cores go further back in time. Here’s how piston coring works.

Push Cores

It is not always possible to take a piston core. The sediment type, the ocean conditions, the water depth- all present challenges to collecting cores. But determined scientists find other ways to get their samples. The video below shows OSU graduate students collecting a core in an Oregon salt marsh.