The 2017 meeting of the curators of marine, lacustrine, and geological samples was held in Corvallis at the OSU-MGR in April 2017. Below you will find links to the meeting agenda and all the presentations from the meeting. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Agenda for 2017 Curators Meeting

2017 Curators Meeting Welcome Anthony Koppers

Lamont Doherty Core Repository-Nichole Anest

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute-Jim Broda

Oregon State University Marine and Geology Repository-Maziet Cheseby

WGNHS Mt Horeb Research Collections and Educational Center-Val Stanley

USGS St Petersburg FL-Kyle Kelso

Ohio Sate University Polar Rock Repository- Anne Grunow

Oregon State University Marine and Geology Repository-Rock Collections-Kevin Konrad

URI Marine Geological Samples Laboratory-Katherine Kelley

SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography Geological Collections-Alex Hangersterfer

BOSCORF-Suzanne MacLachlan

Role of Repositories-Joe Stoner

OSU-CEOAS-Curation at Sea-Mitch Lyle

CSDCO-LacCore-Kristina Brady Shannon

International Ocean Discovery Program-Phil Rumford

Future of Repositories and Collections-Anthony Koppers

IMLGS-Kelly Stroker

Rolling Deck to Repository (R2R)-Bob Arko

OSU Marine and Geology Repository-IGSNs-QRcodes etc-Rob Hatfield

Moving Repositories into the Digital Age- Kerstin Lehnert

Data Discoverability-Anthony Koppers

CT presentation-Joe Stoner

CSDCO-LacCore-software-Kristina Brady Shannon

BOSCORF software-Suzanne MacLachlan