Dr. Joseph Stoner
As co-director of the OSU-MGR Joe oversees all repository activities and final approval of all sample requests.
Dr. Anthony Koppers
As co-director Anthony oversees the hard rock collection and digital conversion of the repository records.
Maziet Cheseby
As Chief Curator, Maziet (pronounced may-zee) is in charge of all day to day operations of the repository, including operating and maintaining the GEOTEK multi-sensor track systems, core and sample tracking systems, databases, reviewing sample requests and administrative duties. Maziet has also developed the use of CT scans, in partnership with the OSU Veterinary Hospital, and the GEOTEK multi-sensor track systems on cores as a repository fee service.
Val Stanley
Val is the curator of the Antarctic Core Collection. At present her top priority is coordination and logistics for transferring the collection from the Antarctic Research Facility in Tallahassee to Corvallis, as well as migrating digital data assets to the OSU data structure. Val started at OSU-MGR in late October 2017, after working with several other geological research collections. Her interests and background include: improving discoverability, accessibility, and interoperability for physical samples, data preservation and rescue techniques, applications of cyberinfrastructure for geoscience, and geospatial data visualization technologies.
Kevin Konrad
Kevin is an assistant curator at the OSU-MGR who oversees the marine dredge and dive samples as well as terrestrial geologic samples. He cuts, photographs and describes the NOAA dive collection. In addition, he is working towards organizing and digitizing pre-existing dredge and dive collections at OSU. Kevin maintains the website, including the NOAA and rock collections. Kevin also handles rock sample requests.
Cara Fritz
Cara is an assistant curator at the OSU-MGR. Cara is digitizing the entire collection from analog paper files to discoverable data online. Cara fills sample requests and enters and manages data for sediment sample requests and distribution. Cara leads the repository’s education and outreach programs.
Bobbi Conard
Bobbi Conard is an emeritus curator, having work in the repository since 1984. She is working toward completing the data digitization project, concentrating on the older cores and dredges. Somewhat to her chagrin, she has also been called the “institutional memory”.