At the OSU Marine and Geology Repository (OSU-MGR) we distribute thousands of sediment and hard rock samples on an annual basis to researchers all over the world. Instructions on how to request these samples from the OSU-MGR and our Sample and Data Policies are detailed below. Please go step-by-step through the following six steps:

Step 1: Decide which samples you wish to study and request. For a description of the various types of samples, please refer to the Sample Types tab above. You can find an inventory of OSU holdings on the Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples (IMLGS) website and on our Main OSU collection and NOAA collections pages.

Step 2: Read and familiarize yourself with the sample distribution policies and guidelines on how to request samples. Note that these are slightly different for sediment and hard rock requests.

Step 3: Download and complete the Sediment and Rock Core Sample Request Form or Dredge and Dive Sample Request Form

Step 4: Send the completed form with appropriate documentation (see guidelines above) to the curator at via email.

Step 5: If you publish on the samples you request from the OSU-MGR then please acknowledge the OSU-MGR in your manuscript.

Step 6: Please send us copies (PDF’s), or links to published content that use samples hosted in our collection.

For more information on how to request samples or how to request samples other than sediments and rocks, please contact us via email at